Burglar Alarm

  • Burglar Alarm

    ICON is a leading provider of state-of-the-art security systems that are custom designed to prevent any unauthorized access and monitor critical entry points. Our core expertise is based on rendering security systems that protect you and your assets at all times. Our burglar alarm system is a smart and robust device built to secure your premises against break-ins, forced openings of doors and windows, smoke, fire, leakage of cooking glass and other emergency situations. This intelligent system comprises a control panel, sensors, and signaling components that raise the alarm in case of risky and unpleasant events. The control panel acts as a brain that consistently reads signals from its sensors. It communicates the danger to the Central Monitoring System, which in turn confirms the authenticity of the alarm and makes you take an action instantly. It comes with intelligent functionality and modular concepts that adapt to your requirements. Its powerful performance, aesthetic appeal and ease of use, makes it a dependable family member that protects your world. Whether it is a small or large project, ICON has done it all! Our team of highly skilled and talented engineers, technicians, programmers, design and develop automated systems and software’s that keep you safe at all times.

    To provide Customers with the latest Technology security Products we have closely tied up with various MNC brands, like HONEYWELL, ESSL, BIOENABLE ,LG, SAMSUNG, PANASONIC, CP-PLUS, ALBA-URMET, DAHUA , ETC for their full Range of Burglar Alarm systems.