• FMS

    The next level of services above the resident engineer, is FMS.The objective of this service is to manage enterprise infrastructures from an availability, manageability and performance perspective. A host of services devised to meet diverse customer requirements spans simple reporting of basic level availability of technology infrastructure to advanced system administration activities. The services offered are tailor made depending upon the requirement .ICON Facility management services are based on SLA model and are aimed for high infrastructure availability, better performance and higher security perspectives. FM incorporates frequent Services review along with audits for the service deliverables when handling large and complex technology infrastructures.

    The services are combinations of onsite and offsite service delivery methodologies to ensure that we meet customer requirements cost-effectively. The various service offerings are:

    • Project Management

    • Service Desk Management

    • Desktop Management

    • Server Management

    • Network Management

    • Mail Management

    • Application Management

    • Database Management

    • Asset Management

    • Data Center Management

    The advantage of FMS is apart from providing Full Day site engineers, ICON also provides the following things:

    • Complete mapping & documentation of all the IT processes and equipments at the client site. Well-documented reports for all Processes & Services are submitted at pre-defined frequencies in an easy to understand format.

    • This results in the following benefits for any client:

      •    Entire network gets high uptime and availability.
      •    Total documentation of network & all IT processes.
      •    Periodic Virus control & preventive maintenance.
      •    Inventory control and Asset Movement.
      •    Regular & pro-active health monitoring of important assets like Servers, Switches etc.
      •    Guaranteed Back-up of all your vital Data, thru’ highly efficient systems & periodic report submitted for the same.
      •    Security monitoring of the entire Network for any internal / external intrusion.
      •    Reliable operation & reduction on total cost of ownership.
      •    Optimum utilization of manpower.
      •    Human independent system.