Firewall and Internet
Security Solutions


    A "firewall" is an over-arching term to describe a specialized defense system for a computer network. The term comes from construction, where specialized fire-prevention systems involve fire-resistant walls being placed strategically in buildings to slow the spread of a fire.In the case of computers, the term describes hardware or software that slows the invasion of a computer system by blocking viruses and hackers.Firewalls can be either hardware or software-based.

    At ICON , we Strongly believe in not just selling boxes but providing Solutions. Hence our technical team of Firewall specialists first analyzes the exact need of the client & then suggests the right make & model which supports the client's exact requirements. e.g. If a client wants to use the Firewall mainly for preventing Data Leaks happening from internal users, then there are only one or 2 models which are best suited for the above task. we provide firewalls of different Makes & Models after doing a detailed Analysis of the client'sneeds. We provide Brands like: Cisco Pix , Cyber Roam, Forti gate, Gajshield, Sonic Wall, etc.

    Key Benefits of our firewall solution is that we provide Complete Data Security with Access Control. (i.e. no external Hacking allowed.) . Our solution includes Gateway Anti-Virus (This is like a Security Guard at the Door & the Desktop Anti-Virus is like the Safe in which we keep our Valuables.) , Anti- Spam (for reducing the Junk emails) ,Internet Usage control & Management (i.e. keeping a watch on which employee visits which web-site), Internet Band-Width Management (Allocating a fixed band-width to each user & also allotting more band-width to Directors & Key users , Internet Link Aggregation & Auto Failover (i.e. when 2 different Internet lines are used client gets the combined power of both & if one of them Fails then Auto Switch-Over to the other). Data Theft / Leaks Data (Theft / Leaks are not only due to external Hacking; in fact it is more due to internal employees un-knowingly or knowingly leaking Data).

    Internet Security Solution

    In today’s Internet world Organizations data is very critical and threats are increasing day by day in different formats. So, to secure IT Infrastructure focusing more on security solutions and also they need a good partner to deploy the solutions.

    We at ICON provide Internet security Solutions with our core competency is expertise on maximum products available.

    EndPoint Security

    Endpoint Security is very essential for every Organization.

    Being a leading SI we have expertise on this and we have partnered with McAfee, Symantec, Trend Micro; the leading security vendors to provide endpoint security to our customers.

    Now a day’s Data Leakage is a major concern and we provide solutions for the same which is called Host DLP.

    Gateway Level Security

    Gateway level Security functions – such as Antivirus, Anti-spyware, content filtering and intrusion detection/prevention either integrated into the gateway or positioned as add on appliances.

    We provide the same by partnering with leading vendors of this area namely Fortinet, Cisco, BlueCoat,Juniper, Check Point …

    Mailing Security

    As email communication is known as the backbone of any business and threats for this is increasing day by day and changing different forms.

    We provide email security to protect mail servers from threats like Spam, Virus, Trojans, Phishing…

    We have partnered with Cisco Ironport, McAfee, Symantec, Barracuda… for the same.

    Web Security

    The number of security threats introduced by web traffic has reached epidemic proportions. Traditional gateway defenses are proving to be inadequate against a variety of web-based malware, leaving corporate networks exposed to the inherent danger posed by these threats. Increasing mobility - largely enabled by Web based applications - offers productivity benefits for businesses, as well as flexibility for users, by allowing users to work anywhere, anytime. However, this has also introduced significant security challenges, as organizations must find ways to extend security and policy enforcement to mobile users.

    We provide web security partnering with BlueCoat, Cisco Ironport, Websense, McAfee…

    Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

    The real value of strong authentication is the software that makes the authentication process secure and easy to use. We provide such solutions through VASCO & RSA.