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  • Home Automation

    Home Automation enables the automatic control of commonly used elements such as Lighting, security, Temperature, music, and other home devices in a manner that is personalized to the needs of each family. It helps in saving your time and efforts by having home automatically do routine functions such as turning off all lights or setting thermostat to economic mode or arming the security system of the house when you are retiring for the night or going out. Its about enjoying home theatre time by having the lights dim, curtains closed, TV and DVD player turn on…. All with the touch of just one button.

    Technology should simplify your life, not complicate it. ICON integrates disparate systems throughout your home and makes them easy to monitor and control with intuitive interfaces. All your favorite brands and existing equipment can be enhanced through integration, including your TV, Blu-ray player, stereo system, media player, and security systems — just to name a few. From touch screens that control everything, to keypads that control specific functions, there's an elegant solution for every room in your home. Touch screens provide a streamlined controller for everything in your home, and can even display AV content, such as live security camera feeds, TV programming, and more for added versatility. Alternately, elegant keypads provide discreet controls for room-specific functions, while complementing any décor. There are even waterproof remotes for use around pools and bathrooms, so you're always in control, no matter the environment. While there are many ways to manage our Home Automation system, only one is always with you: your mobile device. iOS® and Android™ apps give you a convenient way to monitor and control all the systems inside your home from a Smartphone or tablet, so you can access them around the house or on the go.

    To provide Customers with the latest Technology security Products we have closely tied up with various MNC brands, like HONEYWELL, HOME SEER, CRESTON ,SAVANT, SAMSUNG, SNIEDER, CP-PLUS, GE, VERA , STAPLES,IRIS ,ETC. For their full Range of Home Automation solutions.