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    • ICONdeals in all types of Desktops and Laptops. We have Regular Desktops with INTELand AMDprocessors, and we also provide small form factor (i.e. small size Cabinet Desktop). Icon also has specialized Desktop Flavor’s like, Thin Clients & the Latest Intel Atom Processor based "NET TOPS".We have Workstation Desktops with all technical options &Flavors like PC’s with high end Graphic Cards, for Designing Animation, Graphics etc. These PC’s also come in specialized Cabinets, which have a very high level of power & cooling facility.Apart from the Regular Laptops we also have specialized & High-end Laptops like, Ultra-Light Weight Note Books, Tablet Note Books, even Intel Atom processor based "NET BOOK" from all major Brands.In Ultra-Light Weight Laptops we have options with 7", 10" & 12" Screen sizes.

    • Icon deals in all major Brands like, HP, IBM, LENOVO, ACER, DELL,SONY ,COMPAQ ,ASSUS , APPLE , ETC

    • Icon is also a Premier partner for Intel. Icon is an authorized partner for all above Brands.


    Servers are mainly used to store data of Multiple computers at a single Location.Typical computing servers are database server, file server, mail server, print server, web server, gaming server, application server, or some other kind of server

    ICON is a Brand neutral Company. i-e we provide Servers of different Makes & Models after doing a detailed Analysis of the client's needs. ICON deals in all types of Servers i.e. Rack Mount, Pedestal, Blade Servers, Multiplex Servers, etc.We have Servers with all technical options &Flavors like RAID Controllers, SCSI or SAS Hard Disks, Hot Plugging in HDD, Power Supply System Fan etc., we can also provide Redundant in SMPS (Power Supply), System Fan etc.We provides Servers with all types of operating systems like Windows, Linux, Unix etc.our Server Building blocks provideyou a customized, and cost effective solution for all your Server needs. Stay competitive and ahead of the pack with the quality, flexibility and supportyou get with the server products.

    Our expertise helps clients with powerful Server system with seamless installation, migration, and growth capabilities, flexible and powerful solution for all small and midsize companies.

    ICON deals in all major server Brands like, HP, IBM, COMPAQ, DELL, ACER.