Icon Infotech Private Limited


The need for adequate security and access control cannot be over emphasized in the recent times. We understand various security threats in modern times and the methods used to bypass less robust security and access control systems. These systems are designed to suit your businesses unique needs and environment.

Access Control Systems:

We expertly install intrusion detection and security systems which are customer designed and programmed for each application. All your needs are taken care by us, from a basic security system consisting of motion detectors, smoke detectors, door and window coverage or whether it may be a more elaborate system including wireless services and panic switches, we allow total customization and design which gives you to the ability to cover your entire building and strategically protect areas with network based access control. Access Control Systems include:

  • Smart Card
  • Proximity
  • Biometric
  • NFC
  • Barcode
  • Face
  • IRIS
  • Thumb
  • Body


CCTV Surveillance:

CCTV systems utilizes camera and digital recording device to monitor activity in specific location with images being transmitted from the camera to the recorder. We offer a wide variety of solutions from the very basic to cutting edge technology used in high end environments. We have been in the forefront of CCTV business since our inception. Our team possess the skills and experience to implement integrated solutions to provide you the ability to view camera and record images over existing networks or securely over the internet. We provide the following items:

  • CCTV & IP
  • Video management System
  • Thermal
  • Long Distance
  • Wireless
  • Night Vision