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Network and Infrastructure Services

The modern Network Campus has evolved greatly in recent years. The traditional layered network with Cleary defined boundaries between, LAN, SD-WAN, Wifi, Access Control and Visibility is blending into something resembles more of a modern data center. Think of it as a stitched fabric that stretches across and unifies these traditionally siloed components

With that in mind, the design of any new or refreshed network takes on a different discussion. The focus shifts from ports and speeds to user mobility, site to site consistency, end to end security tracking the ability for users to auto-register their own devices onto the network. All the while, ensuring your security risk remains intact.

From desktops to companywide technology solutions on premise, in the cloud or somewhere in between, most organizations know when it’s time to start upgrading their systems. Yet between the high cost of purchasing new technology, the number of choices, complexity and disruption of deploying it, getting new systems in place can be a challenge.

Icon Infotech Private Limited (IIPL)’s Infrastructure and Networks services make upgrading technology easier than ever. We will work with you to assess your needs, create a cost-effective strategy, specify and procure hardware and software, advise on the best software licensing strategy, deploy the solution and assist with onboarding your team.

Services Provided by IIPL

  • Technology Review & Assessments
    Understand where you are going by understanding where you are today. We can conduct a comprehensive review of your technology to evaluate your current technology state including risks, cloud readiness, organizational readiness, financial analysis, compliance, security, business continuity and best practice.
  • Infrastructure Planning & Design
    Solution design and planning for upgrades and deployments of desktops, servers, networks, hybrid solutions and cloud deployments. Hardware and software specification.
  • Implementation
    Upgrade and deployment of desktops, servers, networks, hybrid solutions, cloud deployments, email and data migrations.
  • Post Deployment Training
    Ensure a successful deployment of new technology by training of your team. Custom, onsite, offsite or online
  • Technology Support
    Every company needs a solid strategy for supporting end users as well as proactively maintaining and managing their networks, servers, workstations and cloud based services. We can support you onsite or remotely
  • Business Continuity & Backup
    Keeping your business data protected in case of emergency is an important consideration. IIPL can provide a range of business continuity services including cloud based backup of on premise servers and workstations as well as backup of data stored in cloud services.